Optimize your Search Campaign the right way to improve Quality Scores fairly quickly. Take the following points into consideration:

  1. Have you put related keywords into separate AdGroups and optimized the ad text to relate to your keywords?
  2. Are you including high performing keywords in the text ad’s title or description?
  3. Do you delete text ads that perform poorly and replace them with new higher performing ads to raise the CPRs?
  4. Did you unintentionally change the destination URL?
  5. Have you increased your keyword bids so the majority of your ads appear on the first search page?
  6. Have you set your daily budget high enough to receive the maximum possible traffic?
  7. Do you remove keyword with poor quality scores from you AdGroup and putting those keywords into a more appropriate AdGroup?If you take care of all the issues in the above list, your keywords should begin to generate more traffic. If your account is three days old or less, it may take Google a few days to approve your account. You won’t be able to see all your traffic until your account is approved. Approval usually takes from one-to-three days.A good Web site brings in approximately one sale for every one hundred targeted visitor, depending on a variety of things like prices, popularity, and demand. If you’re not getting one sale for every 100-300 visitors, it may mean that you’ve spent more than you’ve received from a sale. Make sure your bid prices aren’t too high in relation to the number of sales your keywords are generating.

Improving Quality Scores with Google’s Policy Changes

For AdWords accounts and affiliates:

Avoid Web sites:

  • with little or irrelevant text on the home page
  • with AdSense ads on them
  • that are already heavily advertises
  • with duplicate content on each page
  • that force the visitor to sign up for e-mail newsletters
  • without a privacy policy
  • that are confusing or tricky to navigate
  • that can be considered borderline illegalwith any other factors you may want to avoid.

For Advertisers and Web Site Owners with Landing Pages…

To generate the highest amount of traffic with the lowest possible keyword bids, make sure that your Web pages includes as many of the following items as possible. Google may not require you to increase you bid price if it regards your Web site as important and informative.

Your Web site should:

  • contain a minimum of 150-250 keywords on the landing page.
  • have a privacy policy.
  • not duplicate other Web sites.
  • provide information without requiring site visitors to register.
  • give examples and, when possible, demos of the product(s) you sell.
  • provide a complete description of your business.
  • let visitors know exactly how to contact you.
  • provide easy and intuitive navigation.
  • AND:

  • Avoid sponsored links: It there are any on the landing page, make sure they’re marked as sponsored links.
  • Don’t put important information in text graphics.
  • Eliminate sloppy HTML and fix broken links.
  • Avoid dynamic pages if possible.
  • Don’t put too many links on a page.
  • Not all search spiders can view JavaScript, cookies, DHTML, or Flash. And don’t try to track or block spiders on your home page.
  • Be sure your Web page is people-friendly, not spider-friendly.
  • Don’t participate in link programs.
  • Avoid Google management programs.
  • Don’t hide text or links: Google may think you’re spamming.
  • Never re-direct visitors.
  • Don’t put anything irrelevant on your landing page.
  • Give your images descriptive names.
  • Use ALT tags for all images.
  • Make sure the text on your Web site is descriptive and informative.
  • Use the Keyword Density tool; density levels should be 2-5%
  • Create unique landing pages that contain the keyword in the URL for the best quality score and content rating.